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All our member language centres are accredited under the IALC Quality Scheme

IALC schools are very carefully selected and accredited. The two principles of our accreditation are demanding minimum standards and continuous improvement.  The scheme is reviewed and updated regularly to conform to best practice in international language education, while allowing our members, who are leaders in their field, an individual approach. Its main components are a four-yearly inspection and an annual online self-assessment.

An IALC language school must:

  • Have five or more classrooms 
  • Conform to the IALC Code of Ethics and Accommodation Code 
  • Comply with the IALC Quality Scheme  
  • Conform to the laws of its country
  • Be independent of a large chain or corporate group 
  • Teach the official language of the country as a main activity
  • Offer courses at language levels that meet its clients’ needs
  • Be established for at least three years
  • Operate year-round

An IALC language school must meet high standards in all areas and work continuously to improve its service

Our accreditation covers general management, academic management, curriculum, teaching, materials, resources, facilities, recruitment, training, publicity, health and safety, feedback, complaints, accommodation and activities. Read more...  

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