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The IALC Study Travel Research Report

Research Report 2016: Trends in the Demand for Foreign Languages

A comprehensive insight into current global demand for nine foreign languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. 

Until this report, little was known about language learning in the home country or abroad, especially for languages other than English. 

Our report maps the demand for foreign languages, gives the number of language speakers in particular language groups, the number of learners abroad, the number of test takers, the number of internet users in particular languages and the overall demand levels. It also tracks trends, such as demand in the last three years and expected future demand, as well as preferences by programme, age group, length of stay and commissions.

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Research Report 2015: Perception of independent and boutique chain schools in language travel

Our first research report provided an in-depth insight into the state of the global language travel market, with a specific focus on the perception of independent schools and boutique chains compared to larger chains of schools.

Agencies voiced their preferences and experience of working with both school types, and commented on a range of aspects of the agent-provider business relationship.

The power of the report lies in the research sample achieved. In total, 472 agencies from 72 countries participated, representing a pool of more than 230,000 language travel students.

The study also provides the most recent analysis of programme preferences of language travel students, and sheds more light on the demand for foreign languages and industry trends.

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