Join us for the best language travel workshop!

Make the most of your trip by visiting leading language schools across North America after the workshop

Experience our destinations and quality language schools first-hand on a fam-trip to American or Canadian language schools after the IALC 2017 Workshop in Boston. Find out more about the fam-trips below or read about how to request a fam trip.

Venues on the East and West Coast

We have three fabulous fam trips:

1. Los Angeles & Santa Barbara, CA, USA.

Hosted by ELC, English Language Center, you will visit two schools and their cities and sights. 

Bare essentials:

Sunday March 26: 12:00 pm pick up from Boston Park Plaza Hotel.
Visiting ELC junior program campuses including lunch on campus followed by an evening flight to  Los Angeles.
Monday and Tuesday visiting LA and Santa Barbara ELC schools plus the local sights. 
Tuesday March 28: FAM Trip ends at 14:30, with the final FAM trip service of an Airbus for transfer to Los Angeles International Airport.

€ 250 Subsidised rate single occupancy
€ 685 Companion unsubsidised rate twin occupancy
€ 980 Companion unsubsidised rate single occupancy

(Maximum 20 subsidised agents)

Due to the proximity of the workshop this Fam trip is now subject to flight availability, and subject to a EU50 late registration fee.

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2. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hosted by Global Village, you will learn about the Global Village family of language schools in Canada and the USA and enjoy local sightseeing and wine. 

Bare essentials:

Sunday March 26: 11:00 am bus transfer from Park Plaza Hotel to Boston Airport with flight to Toronto. 
Afternoon and evening shopping with sightseeing, 
Monday and Tuesday visiting Global Village, Toronto, with introductions from all the Global Village schools, followed by the Niagra on the Lake experience.
Tuesday March 28: FAM Trip Services end.

€ 200 Subsidised rate single occupancy
€ 650 Companion unsubsidised rate twin occupancy
€ 1100 Companion unsubsidised rate single occupancy

 (Maximum 25 subsidised agents)

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3. Northampton, MA, USA

Hosted by ILI, International Language Institute, you will visit two cities and their colleges and meet for lunch with University Partners. 

Bare essentials:
Sunday 26 March:  09:00 am pick up at Boston Park Plaza Hotel.
Tour of Springfield College followed by tour or the Northampton area. 
Monday 27 March: Visit to ILI followed by University Pathways Partner Fair and lunch with university partners.
18:25 Arrive in New York City, Penn Station, where the FAM Trip services end.

€ 120 Subsidised rate based on single occupancy
€ 200 Companion unsubsidised rate twin occupancy
€ 350 Companion unsubsidised rate single occupancy

(Maximum 10 subsidised agents)

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